The drummer Luis F.Capano was born on January 20th 2977, in São Paulo, the capital of the State that carries the same name. The passion for music started during his childhood, spontaneously. When he was eight years old, he was surprised when he saw himself in front of the TV at his grandma´s house in awe watching the concerts of the first edition of Rock in Rio and wishing to be just like those guys who were on stage when he grew up. At that time, he used to spend nights hidden under blankets recording K7 tapes of artists and bands he enjoyed listening in the radio.

When he turned 14, he finally convinced his family that his real interest was to learn music and started to study drums with Percio Sapia, teacher at the Centro Livre de Aprendizagem Musical (Clam), managed by the members of the legendary Zimbo Trio. There he met Rubinho Barsotti, drummer from the trio and with him started a strong friendship that lasts until today and had great influence in his musical background. He had stayed at Clam for almost ten years, even teaching for a short period and, after leaving, he had classes with the drummers Giba Favery and Edu Ribeiro to improve his knowledge.

His career as a professional musician started in the beginning of 1997 in bars, events, and small concert venues. Eclectic, Capano played with rock, pop, and MPB bands for the pleasure of learning and the chance of being challenged and evolve as a musician paying in different fields. At that time, he started playing with paumandado, a well-know rock band in the indie scene, a band with which he also recorded an EP and CD and performed in several concerts and TV shows between 1997 and 2004.

The versatility and easy adaptation to several music styles (Pop, Rock, MPB, Instrumental, Groove, R&B, Sertanejo [Brazilian Country Music], Dance, Electronic, and Axé) offered to the musician the opportunity to work with artists from different scenes; among them are Lobão, Wanessa Camargo, Luiza Possi, Mauricio Manieri, Tiago Abravanel, Bruna Caram, Nicki French, Double You, Tony Gordon, Izzy Gordon, Victor Brooks, Zé Ricardo, Alexandre Grooves, Edu Tedeschi, also bands such as The Soundtrackers, College 11, Mavericks, and Manuche.

With more than 20 years of career, Capano has taken part of several tours and music festivals in Brazil and abroad. Some of the highlights during his professional history include South By Southwest (SXSW), in Austin (USA), where he played with the musician Alexandre Grooves, and the Disney Channel festival, held in Mexico City, in which the band College 11 played for an audience of 20 thousand people, opening the concert “We Own The Night Tour” of the American singer Selena Gomez. Besides that, he has recorded albums, DVDs, TV and radio shows, and jingles.

Currently, he is the drummer of Paula Marquezini, also the drummer of an instrumental project of the bass player David Rangel and Project Kpaz, an initiative of the guitar player Alvaro Kapaz. He also acts as a sideman, recording and playing in concerts with other artists, he also has a studio where he hosts rehearsals and recording sessions and soon he in planning to enter the market with his own musical project.

Luis F. Capano is a Zildjian Cymbals Company endorser. Zildjian Brasil website